About company

ArchiCo LLC was established in 2009. In the first years of its activities, Company provided mainly engineering and architectural design services. But later ArchiCo began to provide also independent technical supervision services in construction and general construction services.

At the moment, the number of ArchiCo employees is more than 2000 people. Our attitude to work, application of innovations, and attitude to our own staff made ArchiCo attractive for professionals with experience in international projects.

Today, in some projects, we cooperate with world famous brands, our management system is adapted to the requirements of international standards.

We have gained experience in all areas of the diversified construction industry. In recent years, we have successfully completed dozens of projects in residential and industrial construction, the construction of underground utilities, and infrastructure construction.

Through the efforts of our young and professional team, we step by step carry out all the tasks assigned to us. Our priority for the future is to expand our activities as a recognized Azerbaijani construction brand outside the country.